research news

The harlequin frog population of Costa Rica was devastated by chytridiomycosis
Central America's amphibians are evolving resistance to a devastating fungal infection.
Scientists have been studying the contents of orangutan faeces
Researchers have been investigating the contents of orangutan faeces.
Scientists have discovered a parallel between honeybee colonies and the neurons in a brain.
A male proboscis monkey in Borneo
Research finds a link between exaggerated, physical traits in male proboscis monkeys and attracting females.
The dronefly, Eristalis tenax, was one of the the hoverfly species studied
New study shows the fates of these pollinating insects may be closely linked.
Volunteers helped the scientists carry out the Epic Duck Challenge
Scientists examine the reliability of drone-collected data.
Researchers have been studying groups of Australian magpies.
One of the newly described species
Researchers discover fungus species new to science in the UK.
A young orangutan, photographed by a camera trap
Conservationists are partnering with Google to analyse camera trap data.  
Black kite at a fire
Meet the aerial arsonists that are potentially setting forests ablaze deliberately.
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