research news

A young orangutan, photographed by a camera trap
Conservationists are partnering with Google to analyse camera trap data.  
Black kite at a fire
Meet the aerial arsonists that are potentially setting forests ablaze deliberately.
Sex and rank makes all the difference in the complex lives of these African carnivores.
White ermine moth
Like a moth to the flame … or street lamp. The darker truth to urban light pollution emerges.
Agri-environment schemes have resulted in an increase in some farmland birds
A new study monitors numbers of birds and shows an increase in some priority species.
11 new reptile species were discovered in Greater Mekong in 2016
Discoveries in 2016 show how vital the Greater Mekong is for wildlife.
Indonesian schoolchildren learn how to handle snakes and reduce their fear
Are we born with a fear of spiders and snakes? Or do we learn it? New research suggests it’s the former.
An Eurasian otter on the Isle of Mull, Scotland
Wild otters have individual dialects based on their region according to new research. 
A leopard seal rests on an ice flow along the Antarctic Peninsula
Scientists are using drones to monitor and measure the Antarctic mammals.
Scientists have been studying decorator crabs, which adorn themselves with an array of sponges and algae.
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