The endemic Turks and Caicos anole, Anolis Scriptus
Hurricanes Irma and Maria were devastating for the Caribbean, but presented an opportunity to study the effects of extreme weather on the evolutionary process. 
Komodo dragons inspired legends of fire-breathing monsters and, as Mark Eveleigh discovered, the trust is almost as strange as the fiction. 
The northern blue-tongued skink Tiliqua scincoides intermedia
A new study reveals how the blue-tongued skink uses its ultraviolet tongue to deter predators.
Sea turtle
BBC Wildlife contributor Karen Emslie answers your wild question. 
A turtle hatchling is released, not all hatchlings are so lucky
Some conservation projects are keeping hatchlings in poor conditions to attract tourists.
Southern African python
Biologists have discovered the first known example of an egg-laying snake providing care for its hatchlings. 
Three years after a fire destroyed heathland and killed wildlife, 21 young sand lizards have been introduced to a Surrey nature reserve.
Cuban boa
Science writer Stuart Blackman analyses hunting strategies of the slithery kind. 
Black mamba
BBC Wildlife section editor Sarah McPherson answers your wild question.
Two grass snakes warming up after emerging from hibernation
One of the UK’s native reptiles has been renamed by scientists. 
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