Southern African python
Biologists have discovered the first known example of an egg-laying snake providing care for its hatchlings. 
Three years after a fire destroyed heathland and killed wildlife, 21 young sand lizards have been introduced to a Surrey nature reserve.
Cuban boa
Science writer Stuart Blackman analyses hunting strategies of the slithery kind. 
Black mamba
BBC Wildlife section editor Sarah McPherson answers your wild question.
Two grass snakes warming up after emerging from hibernation
One of the UK’s native reptiles has been renamed by scientists. 
A smooth snake in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Discover fascinating facts about the UK's rarest snake species, the smooth snake. 
Biologists in Cambodia have released over 150 Asian giant softshell turtle hatchlings into the Mekong River. 
Snake fungal disease has been found in wild grass snakes in the UK
Europe’s snakes could face a growing threat from killer pathogens. 
A green sea turtle, listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red List
Marine turtles are being killed by tropical prawn trawls, which export to the UK, despite a method existing to reduce their capture 
A brown-backed form of the wall lizard
Citizen scientists are being called upon to report their sightings of wall lizards.
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