polar bears

Polar bears fighting over a carcass in Svalbard, Norway
Claims that polar bears are thriving or will adapt to climate change are unfounded, says Andrew Derocher.
Polar bears, Spitsbergen, Norway.
Discover fascinating facts about polar bears. 
Polar bear
Many people cannot abide the thought of hunting and killing an animal for sport, others say it can help wildlife to pay its way – at least now there are some official statistics to inform the debate.
It’s tough being a predator – for many species, most pursuits end in failure, while smaller hunters risk losing their hard-won meals to bigger beasts. But who’s top dog and who has to work hardest to get a meal?
Polar bear
In Paris, governments agreed to limit global temperature rises to below 2˚C – but will this be enough to save the species that has come to best represent the threat to our planet from global warming, the polar bear?
Polar bear, Svalbard
Images of skinny polar bears are not necessarily a sign of the impact of climate change.
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