'Pangolin' comes from the Malayan word for 'the roller'
The armour that protects pangolins makes them acutely vulnerable to the deadliest predator of all. James Fair reports on the conservationists fighting to save these amazing mammals from Homo sapiens.
The Cape pangolin is one of the four species of pangolin found in Africa
‘Scaly anteaters’ face severe threat, according to a new study
Burning of pangolin scales
Cameroon Government publicly destroys tonnes of illegally poached scales.
It's World Pangolin Day on 20 February – a chance for us all to find out more about a group of animals that you'd be tempted to dismiss as imaginary if they didn't genuinely exist.
Chinese pangolin Gung-wu sleeping, Taipei Zoo, Taipei, Taiwan.
Find out what happens to pangolins that have been saved from poachers. 
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