marine wildlife

Chinstrap penguins
The hugely popular natural history programme could bequeath a significant conservation legacy.
Basking shark
BBC Wildlife contributor Cat Gordon and the Shark Trust talk about sharks around Britain. 
Microbeads are small pieces of plastic added to a variety of products
The tiny pieces of plastic are now prohibited from rinse-off products.
Damaged gorgonian corals on a reef off the coast of St. John, U.S. Virgin Island
Coral reef researchers are studying how this ecosystem recovers after recent storms.
When bad weather hits, dolphins lay low
Author and wildlife guide Jon Dunn explains how dolphins cope with stormy weather. 
Common whelk
Q&A editor Sarah McPherson uncovers the mystery of a common beach find. 
A leopard seal rests on an ice flow along the Antarctic Peninsula
Scientists are using drones to monitor and measure the Antarctic mammals.
Galapagos sea lions are not shy about where they take a nap!
Discover more about the most inquisitive mammal of the Galápagos Islands, the Galápagos sea lion.
Elegant anemone
BBC Wildlife contributer Matt Doggett explains colourful anemone growth.
Cassiopea jellyfish
Cassiopea jellyfish suffering from lack of sleep don't function well the following day. 
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