Adult tansy beetle at WWT Welney
The tansy beetle was thought to exist at just two sites in the UK before this discovery was made.
The luna moth Actias luna was one of the silk moth species studied
Researchers studying silk moths have found that the shape of their hindwings contributes to their survival. 
The long-term use of the pesticides for killing parasites is damaging the populations of these important insects. 
Chris Parkham and a child with the model of a hornet
A new exhibition will tour the nation and bring shoppers face-to-face with 12 oversized British insects.
Eight top tips for attracting butterflies to your garden.
Emperor moths
For centuries, ‘bugs’ have entered our lives and thoughts in countless ways. We explore the always fascinating, often amusing and occasionally revolting meeting ground between people and bugs. 
Scarce crimson and gold moth (Pyrausta sanguinalis)
Moth Night is challenging you to find a particular group of moths.
The blue-tailed damselfly is one of the species in the challenge
The British Dragonfly Society is launching a national dragonfly and damselfly hunt.
The estimated total of the global wild population of mountain gorillas now stands at 1,004.
A chequred skipper butterfly, photographed in Scotland
Extinct butterfly flies in England again after more than 40 years. 
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