A juvenile angelshark
Citizen science volunteers are needed for a Wales-based angelshark conservation project.
Seen from below, the white bellies of lemon sharks help them to disappear in bri
Lemon sharks have personalities, make friends, use body language and learn tricks. They’re forcing us to rethink how we see big sharks, says Helen Scales.
Researchers have been studying the behaviour of archerfish
A new study has discovered that archerfish suffer from social inhibition.
Males throughout the animal kingdom tend to live shorter lives than females
Science writer Stuart Blackman discusses female longevity.
Scalloped hammerhead shark
Cat Gordon from The Shark Trust answers your wild question.
First ever cave fish found in Europe
Cave loaches have been found in Germany.
Increased numbers of sea lice in farmed salmon could affect wild fish too.
Leaping salmon
A successful restoration project on the Swindale Beck River provides an ideal habitat for breeding fish. 
Amphibious mudskippers are able to walk on land using their pectoral fins
Study suggests adapting to life on land wasn't the biggest challenge facing fish coming ashore millions of years ago. 
Golden rabbitfish
Science writer Stuart Blackman reveals whether fish really do have companions. 
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