conservation news

There are now three species of orangutan
Meet your newest relative – the Tapanuli orangutan. And it’s already endangered, writes Richard Smyth.
There is herd of Père David's deer at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo
Scientists discover the heritage of Père David’s deer using antique museum specimens.
A dead immature grey seal
Heartbreak for conservationists as two thirds of pups lost from Welsh island. 
Garden bird feeders could be changing the morphology of British great tits
British great tits may have evolved longer beaks thanks to garden birdfeeders.
Coralliths can act as a base for other coral reef species to grow
Scientists have discovered that certain hard corals could be used to protect coral reefs in threatened habitats. 
Reintroduced Partula dispersing on Moorea in French Polynesia
A 30-year project has just reintroduced 2,000 tree snails to French Polynesia.
The silver-striped hawk-moth could potentially be seen by Moth Night participant
An annual moth-ing event is encouraging participants to focus on flowering ivy.
PECT have planted their 100,000th tree
A tree planting project in eastern England has reached a significant milestone. 
A crown-of-thorns starfish in the Maldives
Getting rid of predators such as crown-of-thorns starfish helps corals overcome bleaching.
The hedgehog had become trapped in the drainpipe
The hog found herself stuck in her hiding place.
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