A female Amur leopard at a safari park in Russia
This new revelation could spell disaster for the last few remaining Amur leopards.
Lion in a tree
Do lions climb? Sarah Huebner from the Lion Research Centre has all the answers.
Cheetah family
BBC Wildlife's Q&A editor Sarah McPherson discusses cheetah spots. 
Are there big cats in the British countryside?
Photos of 'big cats' taken on trailcams or smartphones are not evidence for their presence in the British countryside, says Andrew Kitchener. 
Snow leopard seen in Qinghai Province of China
First ever video footage of common and snow leopards on the Tibetan Plateau raises concerns for conservationists. 
Tiger in Ranthambhore National Par, India
Discover fascinating facts about tigers. 
Oil palm concession "El Hato" in the Municipality of Puerto Wilches, Colombia.
Find out how the results of jaguar density survey in Colombia is helping to conserve the species.  
Snow leopard video screenshot
Discover where snow leopards live and how they survive in their environment. 
Cheetah running
Discover 7 ways a cheetah is built for speed. 
BBC Wildlife contributor Karen Emslie answers your wild question. 
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