9 UK household spiders and webs for you to spot

Use our guide to identify your eight-legged housemates and their webs. 

False widow spider
© Sandra Doyle/The Art Agency


1 False widow spider Steatoda grossa (above) 

Body length: up to 10mm. Nearly always indoors, mainly in south. Venomous; seldom bites humans.

© Chris Shields

2 House spider Tegenaria spp.

Untidy sheet webs are slung in ceiling corners, constructed by large spiders that fall into baths and scuttle across ceilings and carpets at night. 

© Sandra Doyle/The Art Agency

3 Six-eyed spider Oonops domesticus

Body length: 1.5mm (male); 2mm (female). Hides by day; hunts by night on walls or windowsills.

© Chris Shields

4 Sheet web spider Amaurobius sp.

Webs around holes in walls, where the spider lurks. The vibration from a tuning fork held to the web will bring its owner racing out.

5 Daddy long legs spider Pholcus phalangioides

Body length: up to 10mm. Restricted to houses; lurks in corners and traps house spiders by flinging silk at them. Open webs between wall and ceiling built by this lanky building-dweller. Spider trembles and gyrates if disturbed. Carries eggs in jaws.

© Chris Shields

6 Garden spider Araneus diadematus

Often turns up in conservatories. An orb web woven vertically across twigs. Spider hides under a leaf, with one foot on a signal thread that detects vibrations from struggling prey. 

© Sandra Doyle/The Art Agency

7 Cave spider Meta menardi

Body length: up to 15mm. Only in the darkest corners; females often guard hanging egg sacs made of silk.

© Chris Shields

8 Orb-web spider zygiella x-notata

Orb web with a section free of spiral threads, traversed by a signal capture line leading to the spider’s lair. Often around doors and across window frames. 

© Chris Shields

9 Zebra spider Salticus scenicu

 ‘Barcode’-like patterning on abdomen. Can be found on the external walls of our houses. 

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