Galapagos penguin
Sarah McPherson discusses the only penguin found north of the equator.
Red-backed shrike
Author Liz Kalaugher discusses how shrikes developed their signature skewering technique.
Naturalist and author Polly Pullar discusses the nesting patterns of golden eagles.
Ornithologist Mike Toms discusses how kingfisher pairs work together to dig their nesting burrows.
Ecologist Christian Dunn discusses the likelihood of spotting this smart woodland finch in your back garden.
Canada goose
BBC Wildlife contributor Mike Toms discusses moult migration.
With a range of prey and nest sites, peregrines are thriving in US and European cities. Karl Mathiesen investigates how they have adapted to city living. 
Oil slicks are lethal traps for seabirds.
Science writer Stuart Blackman explains why oil is so damaging.
Writer, producer and conservationist Mary Colwell reveals amazing facts about the world's curlews. 
Ornithologist Mike Toms shares his knowledge of bird migration. 
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